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Below is a partial list of our current products which you can purchase below. If there is something you would like and do not see please email sandra@divinechocolate.net. We are doing the best we can during this challenging time. Please take care and we look forward to hearing from you

Sandra Freeman, owner of Divine Chocolate

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A note about shipping... Made in our licensed kitchen, we guarantee all of our products to be shipped fresh. We strategically ship based on weather conditions and use cold packs as neccessary. As late spring and early summer approach we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive in the same state that it was shipped.

Curbside pickup... We are offering curbside pick-up. If you would like to arrange this option please call or email us and arrange a time. Although our shop is currently closed, our kitchen in near by and it is convenient for us to meet you at our shop, at 1480 US Route One, Cape Neddick, Maine.

Our chocolate percentages are:
White Chocolate 20%
Milk Chocolate 35%
Dark Chocolate 54%
Very Dark 70%

All of your favorites, in one box!

Each box is created with a variety of favorites and will include our famous turtles, truffles, barks, caramels, non-pareils and more. You will also find seasonal favorites. Our chocolate is made just for you, with love and care.

This assortment is a favorite gift item as it has a nice variety of time proven favorites.


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Almond Buttercrunch

This is our, “Oh My God, this is amazing!” product

Our famous almond buttercrunch

Our Almond Buttercrunch has turned out to be one of our top sellers. We always have free samples here at the shop and once a customer tries a piece they are hooked! Fresh almonds, not too crunchy toffee and Belgian milk chocolate make this a customer favorite.   

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Chocolate Turtles

In the world of turtles these disappear mighty fast!

"YUM, YUM, YUM... love those turtles! Enjoyed every delish bite of your chocolate creations" - thank you! Lois C.

Milk and dark chocolate, pecan and cashew turtles

Everyone loves our rich and smooth Belgian Chocolate, soft caramel and fresh nuts combined into our famous turtles. Seriously, these are sooooo good! You can choose milk or dark chocolate, pecan or cashew.  

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Non Pareils

Smooth Belgian chocolate and crunchy non-pareils

Milk or dark chocolate non pareils

Old fashioned non pareils evoke much nostalgia. Ours are even better, crafted with Belgian chocolate. A very popular product and a great stocking stuffer.   


Wild Blueberry Bark

Chocolate Blueberry Bark

Incredible dark or milk Belgian chocolate with dried wild blueberries.

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Other Products

that are available by email...Sandra Freeman

Large Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar 31.7% cacao $6.99

Large Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar 54% cacao $6.99

Large Dark Belgian chocolate bar 70% cacao $6.99

Small dark Belgian chocolate bar $3.50

Small milk Belgian chocolate bar $3.50

Small dark 70% cacao Belgian chocolate bar $3.75

Ginger dark Belgian chocolate bar (crystallized ginger) $3.99

Maine sea salt dark Belgian chocolate bar $3.99

Maine sea salt milk Belgian chocolate bar $3.99

Belgian milk chocolate peanut butter cups 4 ct. $12.99

Belgian dark chocolate peanut butter cups 4 ct. $12.99 or by pound see below.

Other Belgian Chocolate Delights from the case, pick and choose 10 oz.19.95 or 1 lb. 32.95 tell us by weight or approximately how many to make a box. Milk or Dark: Almond Bark, Peanut Clusters, Coconut Clusters, Mini Peanut Butter Cups, or Large Peanut Butter Cups, Coconut Mounds, Raisin clusters, Peppermints, Wintergreen, Caramels, Maine Sea Salt Caramels, Pecan turtles, Cashew turtles.

We pleased to also offer the following quality products. They are selected due to their popularity in our shop.

Robin blue chocolate marshmallow eggs 1/2 lb bag $7.99

Robin Blue Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

Spring time Jelly Beans 1/2lb bag $5.99

Dark raspberry cordials 1/2 lb. bag $7.99

Dark mandarin orange cordials 1/2 lb. bag $7.99

Creme Brulee cordials 1/2 lb. bag $7.99

Milk chocolate malt balls 1/2 lb. bag $6.99

Ultimate chocolate malt balls 1/2 lb. bag $6.99

Peanut butter covered malt balls 1/2 lb. bag $6.99

Milk Espresso covered malt balls 1/2 lb. bag $6.99

Dark chocolate covered blueberries 1/2 lb. bag$7.99

Milk chocolate covered cranberries 1/2 lb. bag $7.99

Dark chocolate covered cranberries 1/2 lb. bag $7.99

Dark chocolate covered dried raspberries 1/2 lb. bag $9.99

Dark chocolate brandied cherries 1/2 lb bag $7.99

Dark chocolate balsamic dried strawberries 1/2lb. bag $9.99

Milk chocolate espresso beans 1/2 lb. bag $8.99

Dark chocolate espresso beans 1/2 lb. bag $8.99

Truffle almonds (whole almonds, ganache and cocoa covered) 1/2 lb. bag $12.00

Mexican vanilla dark chocolate almonds w/ ancho pepper, sea salt, cinnamon, little cayenne pepper 1/2 lb $12.00

Coconut curry cashews 1/2 lb. bag $7.99

Milk Chocolate covered maca

UK Licorice Allsorts 1/2 lb. bag $5.99

Australian black licorice 1/2 lb. bag $5.99

Milk chocolate sea salt caramels 1/2 lb bag $7.99

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels 1/2lb bag $7.99

Bourbon flavored caramels 1/2 lb bag $7.99

English toffee caramels 1/2 lb bag $7.99

Dark chocolate sea salt caramel popcorn 1/2 lb. bag $7.99
(no photo)

Milk chocolate sea salt caramel popcorn 1/2 lb. bag $7.99
(no photo)

Sugar free milk chocolate caramels 1/2 lb bag $7.99

Organic 66% chocolate bars - 2.5 ounces $6.50
(no photo)

Chocolate Sea Shells 1/4 lb bag $3.50

Chocolate River Rocks 1/4 lb bag $3.50

Mini Jelly Fruit Slices 1/2 lb bag $4.99



up to $150.00 - $10

$150.01-$250 - $8.00

$250 and up - $6.00


1480 U.S. Route One Cape Neddick, Maine | 207-363-1300