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About Shipping

Orders are shipped UPS

We will watch the weather in your area and add an ice pack if necessary.

Please call 207-363-1300 with any questions.

Shipping Charges

up to $24.99 + $9.50

$25.00 - $39.99 + 11.50

$40.00 - $59.99 + $14.75

$60.00 - $79.99 + $15.50

$80.00 - $124.99 + $18.50

$125 - $200 + $24

Shipping charges will be calculated during checkout

Our chocolate's cacao content is as follows

White 26%

Milk 32%

Dark Chocolate 54.5%

Strong Dark 70%



sandra @divinechocolate.net

Almond Buttercrunch
Salted Caramels
Crushed Chili Pepper Bar
Coconut Cluster / Birds Nests
Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles
Wintergreen Peppermints
Dark Pecan Chocolate Turtles


During the warmer months of the year we need to ship our chocolate in boxes which include ice. The ice will prevent your order from melting into a shape you are not expecting. It is imperative that we decide exactly how your order will be shipped when we receive your order.

Determining Shipping

When we receive your order we will refer to a 5 day weather map. If the weather appears to be over 70° F we will add ice to your order and possibly upgrade your shipping to next day or second day air. We will call or email you to confirm that we have ugraded your order.

New England

From Maine all New England states are next day. So we feel reasonably confident your order will be shipped from Cape Neddick one day and arrive at your New England destination the next. Depending on the forcast we may ad ice, or not.

Guarantee of Delivery

We cannot guarantee that your orders will arrive in the condition in which they left our premises during extremely hot weather. We will do our best to ensure that they do. Under most situations our ice and insulation methods combined with second day shipping will work fine. Your package is always insured and if you do find an issue we suggest you let the UPS driver know before he leaves your premises.

We look forward to serving your chocolate needs :)

Divine Chocolate 1480 US Route One Cape Neddick, Maine 03902 • (207) 363-1300