Specialty Chocolate Products

Nibble On The Nubble Bar

the Nubble Lighthouse is our proudest motif! We have paid tribute by casting it in dark and white chocolate!

Our Nibble on the Nubble Bar was created as a tribute to the iconic Nubble Lighthouse, in our beloved hometown of Cape Neddick, Maine. Available in dark (54.5%) or milk chocolate (31.7%) with a relief of white chocolate each bar. Each bar is 5 inches by 3 3/8" and weights 4 ounces.

Twin chocolate lobsters swirling in the salty tide of rich Belgian chocolate! This is an ocean lovers dream come true.

Seeing is believing! This is a tribute to the pesky or terribly cute rodent that is admired for its odacity. The saleted peanuts are an accent that we believe would please the most picky squirrels! Available in milk(31.7%) or dark chocolate(54.5%). 2 inches x 5 inches, 2 ounces.